Workforce Assurance Assessment for Covid-19

$75.00 / month

In the Covid-19 environment, knowing how your employees think and feel is more important than ever. Our micro-survey tool, the Workforce Assurance Assessment, helps you understand your employees’ most significant concerns so you can design and adapt solutions to help them return to work and thrive.

The Workforce Assurance Assessment powerfully enables you to understand the needs for your workforce during and post-crisis.


Benefits of the assessment include:

  • It is cost-effective—only $75/month, with no minimum purchase required—and rapidly deployable, with no software to install or configure for up to 500 people.
  • The survey only takes 3-5 minutes and is anonymous, which encourages honest and insightful responses.
  • You get clear, precise, and actionable results about: (1) current employee attitudes, (2) safety concerns, and (3) productivity issues.
  • You control the distribution to participants, keeping your company’s email addresses safe, and providing you an opportunity to highlight your company’s Covid-19 resources.
  • You can run the survey each month, with your whole company or with a subset of employees to see how your organization adapts over time to evolving Covid-19 conditions. You can also switch to survey different topics—like employee satisfaction, resilience, turnover, employee engagement, or organizational change—for the same monthly price.
  • Custom survey options available
  • Larger participant options available
  • Discontinue at any time.
Workforce Assurance Assessment for Covid-19