We are measurement nerds. And we love organizational science. Put those two together, and you end up with dozens of different assessments to help people and companies thrive. We offer these off-the-shelf.

But sometimes clients have a very particular organizational itch they want to scratch, and off-the-shelf just won’t do. For example, a division head is worried about two departments in conflict. A CEO wants a good representative sample of companywide opinion before launching a reorg. A founder wants to gather ideas from the shop floor about possible new products.

If you are worried, curious, or concerned about it, we can scratch that itch.

The process is simple:

  1. Call or email us. Sketch out your problem, concern, or curiosity. This is free.
  2. We design a scientific, reliable way to measure it. This costs money, based on complexity.
  3. We gather the data, and deliver the results. We help you think through potential action steps.

Ready to scratch your particular itch? Email or call Rebecca Henley at rhenley@culsure.com or 800-440-8186 x 701, and we’ll devise the perfect scientific backscratcher to bring you some relief.