COBRA: CulSure Organizational Benchmark Report and Analysis


Nothing is more powerful than our comprehensive product: the CulSure Organizational Benchmark Report and Analysis. That’s right: It spells COBRA, and you want this bad boy to strike at the debilitating uncertainty that fuzzy estimates and half-baked guesses do to your company. Our COBRA shines a light on all relevant parts of your company, and provides department-level and manager-specific feedback about key areas of organizational health and performance.

Why COBRA is the reptile for you:

  • Extensive debriefing and facilitated conversation with company leaders to explore insights and create action plan
  • Debriefing led by data scientist with a management PhD
  • Organization-wide insights
  • Department-specific data comparisons
  • Feedback for individual managers

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Our COBRA includes these six extensive analyses:

1. Employee Engagement: State-of-the-art management science fuels our employee engagement survey. Designed by organizational experts and administered by a renowned data scientist, the assessment provides immediately usable information of your company’s most committed employees, as well as an action plan for boosting the engagement and affiliation of people who have room to grow.

2. Organizational Communication Effectiveness: Get a feel for upward and downward communication in your company, and gather knowledge about how well understood strategic goals and priorities are throughout the organization. The communication effectiveness measures deliver real-time information you can use today to improve your company.

3. Network, Influence, and Cohesion Analyses: Data-driven insights from the network, influence, and cohesion analysis reveal your organization’s most influential formal and informal leaders, identify and suggest resolution for communication obstacles and bottlenecks, report on team cohesion and strength, and show how to more effectively transmit important messages throughout the company.

4. Organizational Trust Measures: Find out if you are getting the best from your employees, and if their ideas are actually getting on the table. Locate pockets of excellence in your company, and figure out where your people hesitate to speak up and offer their suggestions. Armed with this information, put together a precise action plan to spread trust and build the confidence to get all voices heard.

5. Organizational Culture Assessment: The organizational culture assessment shows where desired culture diverges from existing organizational culture, and culminates in an action plan to build from shared values and to loosen the grip of counterproductive norms and behaviors. This assessment helps leaders build more of the culture they want in the future by starting from the organizational culture they have today.

6. Organizational Hotspots: We can customize surveys to gather information about any company concern you may have. We can also provide accurate and detailed information on any level of your company’s management structure. For example, if you are worried about a rising level of gossip between departments, we can measure that. If you are concerned about an erosion of trust between department heads, we can measure that, too. Basically, if it is on your mind, we can figure out a way to gather good data and provide results that address your concerns.

COBRA: CulSure Organizational Benchmark Report and Analysis