1. Notice of Agreement: The following document is a legally binding agreement (herein referred to as Agreement). Please read this entire document. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions stated below, do not proceed with payment.

2. General Terms and Conditions: CulSure, LLC and its members are herein referred to as Provider. Individuals and organizations utilizing our services and products are herein referred to as User. This Agreement may not be revised by the User. The Provider reserves the right to revise this Agreement at any time, and such revisions will become effective thirty (30) days after the revised Agreement is available for public viewing. You may access the most recent version of this Agreement by clicking on User Agreement.

3. Services Provided to User: Provider will create, host, administer and analyze organizational surveys on behalf of User. Only Provider will have access to individual responses. Results will be presented or given in a report to User in the aggregate. 

All micro-surveys require a minimum of five (5) responses and a maximum of five hundred (500) responses. For each subscription, only one unique link will be generated and one report illustrating the results. Provider will generate a unique monthly link to the type of survey User requested and email the link the User. The User can then distribute the unique link as they see fit. It is the responsibility of the User to generate participation. Possible ways to use the unique link effectively:

  • Send to the whole organization (if the organization is small than 500 people)
  • Send to a subset across the organization to get a pulse on the organization
  • Send the link to a specific department (department needs to be more than 5 people)

All products and services created and sold by Provider are intended to generate and deliver feedback, with the intent to develop and improve people and organizations. It would be a misuse of these products and services to use them as justification for terminations or in any way use them as a means of retaliation. User agrees and takes full responsibility for not misusing products and services of Provider.

4. Content Ownership and Copyright: All individual survey responses are confidential and User (and its members) have no claim of ownership to individual responses. It is up to the discretion of the Provider how the results will be presented. Users may share the results or reports associated with their survey as they see fit, but the content of the survey (statements and questions) is the copyright of Provider and shall not be replicated by others without the Providers explicit permission.

For surveys not created by the Provider, but merely hosted, the User retains ownership of the questions and items of the survey, but not of the individual responses or raw data. Reporting must be agreed upon in advance. The User certifies that any survey they pay the provider to host and administer is owned by the User and not violating copyright law. Provider not responsible for the validity of the survey.5. Subscription: Micro-surveys are a subscription-based survey product. Each month Provider will generate a unique survey link to the survey topic User selects. User must make selection prior to the last Wednesday of the month. User will receive a Micro-Survey Setup link monthly to make their selection for the next month. If User does not make a selection, the default will be to continue with the survey