As the 1980s hair metal band Cinderella sang: Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone. And that’s a problem, because people leaving your organization often walk out of the door with excellent insights locked in their brain. Our job is to help you get that information out before it disappears forever, just like the band Cinderella. Our secret weapon? The CulSure 360-Degree Exit Survey.

Here’s Why Our 360-Degree Exit Surveys Rock:

  • We gather more reliable exit feedback because we are a confidential external source
  • We compare individual exit data with internal organizational feedback to validate it
  • We collect new hire and existing employee surveys to look for potential organizational hotspots
  • We integrate all the data and present insights and actionable company intelligence

And now, get your lighters up, because here’s the encore: Over time, this information points the way to lower your turnover of the kinds of employees you don’t want to leave. That’s the boogie-woogie in our 360-Degree Exit Surveys. It doesn’t just tell you why people are leaving, it also helps you keep them in the first place. So, you and your company can continue to Rock On.

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