From: $75.00 / month

Ever watch a NASCAR pitstop? Our micro-surveys are like that. Lightning fast, and perfectly calibrated to accomplish a ton in no time flat. Want to know what your people think about a new work initiative? That’s our Organizational Change micro-survey. Interested in measuring worker commitment to your organization? That’s the Employee Engagement micro-survey. You want it? We can probably measure it.

For only $75/month (for up to 500 respondents), you can pick your favorite micro-survey, and then pick a different one next month. Or re-run the same micro-survey to generate comparative data. Speed + Science + Insights = CulSure micro-survey pitstop.




Here are our current micro-survey offerings:

  1. Organizational Change Checkup (Example item: “The organization is changing for the better.”)
  2. Turnover Intentions Survey (Example item: “I am actively looking for employment elsewhere.”)
  3. Employee Engagement Survey (Example item: “I am proud to do my work.”)
  4. Worker Resilience Assessment (Example item: “There are appealing growth opportunities where I work.”)
  5. Employee Satisfaction Survey (Example item: “I am satisfied with how employees are treated at this organization.”)
  6. Workforce Assurance Survey, Covid-19 version (Example item: “The organization has sufficiently communicated how things will change due to Covid-19 to make work safe.”)
  7. Workforce Assurance Survey, Pre-Crisis prep version (Example item: “The proposed workplace changes to preparation for the crisis have made me feel safer at work.”)
  8. Workforce Assurance Survey, Post-Crisis prep version (Example item: “I am frequently unable to focus on tasks, because of my concern about the future.”)

We have done all the hard work for you.

  • All surveys created by management and data science PhDs
  • Surveys based on decades of organizational science and corporate research
  • No software to install or configure
  • Deploy in minutes; mobile friendly
  • Use your existing distribution lists
  • Employees respond anonymously in 3-5 minutes
  • Results are clear, precise, and actionable
  • Re-run surveys monthly for comparative data, or switch to a new survey for no extra fee

You can’t win a race without taking pitstops. It’s time to take a look under your organization’s hood and rotate the tires. Get your CulSure micro-survey today.